To enlighten somebody regarding a specific subject, the best way to do so is through an informative essay. It usually answers one of the ‘Ws’ and the ‘how’ but never influences someone to make a move. A persuasive essay does that.  Nonetheless, it may still lead somebody to something else provided it’s enticing enough. Your insights push them to read more about your subject and take their stance on their own.

The structure

An informative essay comes with four sections, as follows:

The Title

The essay’s title is the first thing that a reader comes across with. Hence, see to it that it is crafted thoughtfully. It must also be enticing enough. Come up with a title that will explicitly indicate what will be covered in your piece. Consider some ways to attract people to read your piece. Moreover, make sure to adhere to rules on capitalizing titles.

The Beginning

This part contains a sentence-long thesis statement. It should be engaging enough to catch your audience’s interest. More importantly, writing a thesis for an informative essay entails stating plainly what others will learn from your piece.

The intro can be a page- or a paragraph- long. Make the most of this chance to discuss your primary topic, any pertinent terms, and the subject areas to be discussed. Get rid of any single hint of your thoughts.

Here are examples of a good introduction:

#1: Blood donation

Have you ever imagined waking up one morning and finding yourself saving somebody’s life? Donating blood is a heroic act that won’t take much of your precious time. It doesn’t require you to become a soldier or a doctor. What it only ask is 30 minutes to undergo the process. Read on to know more about blood donation, including how you can help in this endeavor.

#2 The iconic Angkor Wat

A trip to Cambodia is incomplete without visiting Angkor Wat temple, a world heritage. The magnificent structure, with its intricate detail, will strike you with awe. Find out more about its features and meaning from this article before planning your travel in the Southeast Asian country.

The Middle

This section comprises the body of the article. It can be composed of many paragraphs. It gives you the chance to explain your thesis statement and your primary subject in detail.

Keep your readers engaged by presenting them with any factual data to substantiate your claim. Stick with your outline which you presented in the intro and explain further everything in it.

The End

This part sums up the article in one or two paragraphs. When writing a conclusion for an informative essay, reiterate decidedly the thesis statement.  Emphasize what your article had explained regarding the subject coverage in one sentence.

Afterwhich, provide a closing paragraph highlighting the essential parts. Finish with firm remarks that could insinuate readers to study or ponder more crucial aspects of the piece. Consider ending with a question.

Here are two examples of good conclusions:

#1: The following ending statement reiterates the simple process of donating blood:

The blood donation process is easy. A lot of donors do it while playing online games on their devices or browsing their social media accounts. Imagine the negligible amount of time it requires you to do so compared to the insurmountable joy it brings to the recipient. Not to mention the chance to save someone’s life.

#2: This ending statement emphasizes the importance of the Angkor Wat temple to the people of Cambodia

The temple of Angkor Wat is not only a national pride of Cambodia, but it is also the country’s heart and soul. Unlike other historical structures, it has been used continuously since its erection and has never been abandoned.

Steps to writing an informative essay

  • Choose a suitable topic.
  • Gather ideas regarding the main subject.
  • List all pertinent facts. Ensure its accuracy.
  • Formulate a thesis statement
  • Develop supporting statements for every fact.
  • Organize your thoughts. Writing an informative essay outline ensures every area naturally flows to another.
  • Draft your piece according to the outline.

What is the last phase of writing an informative essay?

Double-checking your piece prior to publishing is the final step. It involves revising and editing the whole piece accordingly to polish it. See to it that every sentence makes sense, and thoughts flow well. Ensure that there are no typos, structural and grammatical errors. Get a friend to critique your piece.

The easiest way to explain an intricate subject is through writing an informative essay. Nonetheless, make sure to support your claims with factual data. Entice the readers to read your piece from start to end by enabling its content to speak for itself.