Lynn Himmelman
2 Day Certified Leader Training
  • Date : April 22, 2023 to April 23, 2023
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2 Day Certified Leader Training

Attend this fun, uplifting, life-transforming training IN-PERSON or ONLINE.  


Saturday April 22, 2023: 9:30am to 6:00pm
Sunday April 23, 2023: 9:30am to 6:00pm

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This is a fabulous opportunity for you to experience Laughter Yoga at its best. You'll be immersing yourself entirely in LAUGHING and all the awesome payoffs that come with it.  Keep reading to find out what they are.

Contrary to assumptions by those who are unfamiliar with the concept of Laughter Yoga, there are no yoga postures involved.

Laughing is the yoga.

Therefore, having a flexible body isn’t required.  All you need is a willingness to laugh – that’s it!

And you’ll be laughing A LOT . . . so it’s a workout . . . for your ab muscles . . . and your face, hahaha!

  • Discover what it’s like to laugh from the inside out rather than just depending on jokes or humour 
  • Find out how to get your laughter motor running even in those moments when you “don’t feel like laughing”  
  • Experience what it’s like to be riding euphorically on a natural HIGH that’s free of the downer side-effects of drugs or alcohol


Attending this training is as good as giving yourself a vacation.  Just like a vacation, you’ll be able to unplug from the sharp-edged stresses of dealing with difficult people and life situations and come away with an emotional and mental reboot.

Milton Berle has been quoted as saying:  “Laughter is like an instant vacation.”

And I would add to that . . . “when the laughing continues to the point where you’ve completely lost track of why you started laughing in the first place and it feels so good you don’t want it to stop!” 

Want some of that for yourself?  Then this is the place to get it - hands down!

This training is limited to 6 In-Person participants and 6 Online participants so that everyone in the training receives personal attention and an opportunity to practice leading some Laughter Yoga exercises.

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This weekend training will be your chance to unload burdomsome mental and emotional baggage as well as release deep-seated body tension simply by expoding into uncensored, unconditional giggles and guffaws! 

There’s probably never been a time in your life when you have devoted 18 hours to immersing yourself in laughter, to the point where you get to know all the hues, dimensions, innuendos and dynamics of it.  There are, more than likely, dormant facets of laughter living inside of you that are just screaming to be expressed. 

That’s what you’re going to get to do in this training, and so much more!

Plus you’ll come away with an inventory of new ways to inspire others to laugh as well.

The benefits of practicing Laughter Yoga that are being reported by scientific evidence and word of mouth testimonies are very impressive.

Here’s a short list of benefits. This is just the tip of the iceberg:
• less stress
• fewer worries & anxieties
• feeling more relaxed
• better sleeps
• reduced aches & pains
• more harmonious relationships
• surges of inspired creativity
• stronger immune system
• more energy
• greater self-confidence
• a more positive outlook
• feeling lighter & happier
• having more fun day to day


Laughter Training Testimony:

Hey there, I'm Kelsey Corey. I'm an emotional fitness coach. I have just completed my laughter
yoga leader training with Lynn.

This experience has been amazing!!!          

  It has opened my eyes to how laughter can be used as an
  exercise to relieve stress - it's helped me so much that way
  in the last couple of days.

  I'm really excited to now take all that I've learned and apply
  it with my clients and inside my membership so that they
  can know and lean on this as a tool. It's always available
  to them, to bring lightness and energy and to shift their 
vibe at any time during the day.


I'm very grateful for learning from Lynn. Her years of experience and her light-hearted
nature is infectious 
and super inspiring.

I feel confident to say that you would have a great time if you embrace the opportunity to 
become a laughter yoga leader as well.

Kelsey Corey, Emotional Fitness Coach


Attend this transformative training so you can:

• Bring more laughter, joy, and fun into your own daily life

• Learn new ways of inspiring others to laugh quickly & easily

• Experience all the physiological and psychological benefits
that come with knowing how to laugh unconditionally without
depending on outside circumstances

• Make new friends and positive uplifting connections

• Start and run a successful Laughter Club, Class, or Group

• Lead Laughter Yoga sessions in companies & corporations,
yoga & fitness centers, schools, hospitals, community
centers, homes for seniors & long-term care facilities


This training will be led by long-time pioneer and veteran of Laughter Yoga in Toronto, Lynn Himmelman. Also known as Lively Laughing Lynn, her infectious laugh has won her the Championship title three times in Toronto’s Laughing Champions.

She has been offering weekly Laughter Yoga classes for 19 years and regularly trains & certifies others to be Laughter Yoga Leaders. In support of the ongoing presence of Laughter Yoga, Lynn enthusiastically brings the Spirit of Laughter to schools, government organizations, hospitals, universities, seniors’ homes, conferences and private businesses.

“This interactive and empowering training is the ultimate laughter workout, packed full of fun and learning!” Lynn, Certified Laughter Yoga Leader & Teacher
You will come away from this training with a thorough understanding of Laughter Yoga and with the foundational skills required to be an awesome Laughter Yoga Leader.


• Training & practice of 40 Foundation Laughter Exercises

• Training & practice of supportive breathing, dancing, and meditation exercises

• Hours & hours of transforming Laughter

• Background and history of Laughter Yoga

• Guidelines on how to create your own Laughter Yoga exercises

• Guidance in starting, running, & maintaining a Laughter Yoga Club, Class, or Group

• Business options to explore as a Laughter Yoga Professional

• Meaningful connections with the other laughter enthusiasts!

• Affiliation with a growing world movement that is spreading improved health and peace with laughter (now in 108 countries and growing)

• An easily usable skill that brings happiness & joy to all


Catch the Early Bird Specials to save $65+  until March 28

Register with a friend and each save $89+ until March 28

Full tuition after March 28:
$500 + 13% hst


• Your personal pdf copy of Dr. Kataria’s revised Training Manual

• A comprehensive list of online Laughter Yoga resources

• a slide deck of Laughter Yoga scientific studies

• An official Certificate from Laughter Yoga International in India


• 6-months free access to “Prozone”, a Membership Site for Laughter Yoga Leaders & Teachers

• Free attendance at some of Lynn’s online or in-person Laughter Yoga classes (optional)

• an open invitation to practice leading some exercises in any of Lynn’s classes once you’ve completed your training

Click this link to register: Laughter Training Registration Form

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