Veronique Elamly, Master
5 Day Certified Teacher Training
  • Date : April 21, 2023 to April 30, 2023
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5 Day Certified Teacher Training

The only Teacher Training possible in Switzerland

21, 22 and 28, 29 and 30 April 2023 at the Espace Détent'Etoy, between Lausanne and Geneva **
Training also possible in English and Italian.

With Véronique Elamly, Master Trainer for Switzerland and Laughter Ambassador of Dr Kataria who trained her. She is also certified for Laughter Therapy, for Art of Non Sens and for Gibberish.

Five days in two session to deepen your knowledge of Laughter Yoga, its philosophy and concept.

  • Upgrading of knowledge in Laughter Yoga
  • Presentation and training of the 100 basic laughters** and initiation to 100 additional laughters from Veronique's rirothèque,
  • Learning how to create your own exercises
  • The four matter for Joy
  • Playing with a parachute and its various exercises
  • Playing with scarves
  • Basic Pranayama exercises
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Various meditations
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Cerebral gymnastic
  • LaughterJoy-Danza
  • How to organize and facilitate a training,
  • How to teach others to conduct a session with diverse audiences.
  • Learn to laugh alone and make people laugh alone
  • Positive behaviours in everyday life.
  • How to organize your public presentations, your interventions in corporate, manage your advertising, all the tricks to become a recognized and appreciated teacher.

** by agreement of the group, the various practices will be filmed and the videos will be available for you.

The two-stage training allows a time of assimilation of what has been taught during the first two days and a return in class with your possible questions.

Healthcare professional Véronique Elamly was infected with the Yoga du Rire in 2013 during her training as a facilitator in Paris. To ensure she transmits the full essence of the inner Spirit of Laughter Yoga through the highest quality teaching and facilitation, Véronique continually updates her practice through personal coaching with Dr. Madan Kataria or in working with one of his Master Trainers.  She is a true believer in the benefits that Laughter Yoga brings to physical, psychological, and emotional wellbeing and seeks to expose others to these benefits by organizing sessions of Laughter Yoga for various groups and institutions. Her deep appreciation of Laughter Yoga leads her to teach Dr. Kataria’s methods to future leaders and regularly presents his techniques through television and radio interviews and articles.  After Véronique completed her training, Dr Kataria later approached her to become Master Trainer for Switzerland in 2017 and subsequently trained her for this purpose in India.

His multilingualism enabled her to lead seminars, workshops and conferences in various internationally renowned companies of the Lemanic region, providing a constant balance of professionalism and «Joie de Vivre» while guaranteeing the success of his interventions.

After successfully completing the teacher training:

  •  You will obtain a certificat signed by Dr M. Kataria, founder of the method and valid worldwide.
  • You will be referenced on Dr. Kataria’s site and on the Véronique site.
  • You will know all what you need to set up Laughter Yoga leader trainings.
  • You will be comfortable intervening in business and professional settings.
  • You will also have a good mood and personal tools to increase your joie de vivre and your ability to laugh.
  • You will be invited to participate in Laughter Yoga meetings and events.

Where and when :

  • Certification courses take place on Saturday & Sunday from 9am to 5pm and Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 9am to 5pm
  • In Etoy – Near the train station, free parking available

About your teacher : The training is led by Véronique Elamly, named Master Trainer and Ambassador of Laughter Yoga by Dr.Madan Kataria who personally trained her. She hosts happy bi-monthly Laughter Yoga sessions at the club she created in Etoy in 2013.  She also offers individual sessions of laughtercoaching, as well as interventions in companies, in nursing house for seniors, associations of patients (parkinson, fibromyalgia, pulmonary diseases) and caregivers, as well as in schools, etc.

Prerequisite: being a Laughter Yoga Leader, whatever the school, and have experience in laughterclub or similar.

Cost: Frs 800. –

Registration online : Registration

More information :

The price includes: the five-day seminar, registration fee, the teaching manual, Dr Kataria’s book, promotional material, the official training certificate valid all over the world, registration with Dr Kataria, morning and afternoon breaks and promotion photo.

!!! There are a few possibilities to stay at a very low price with members of Véronique Laughter Club. !!!